Twitter Friendly Emoji

OS X & iOS

Emoji that will display in your Twitter name



White Smiling Face Sparkles Raised Fist Raised Hand White Up Pointing Index Heavy Black Heart


White Medium Star Black Sun With Rays Sun Behind Cloud Cloud High Voltage Sign Umbrella With Rain Drops Snowflake Snowman Without Snow


Black Telephone Hourglass With Flowing Sand Hourglass Alarm Clock Watch Envelope Black Scissors Black Nib Pencil Soccer Ball Baseball Flag In Hole Hot Beverage


Church Tent Fountain Sailboat Anchor Airplane Warning Sign Fuel Pump Hot Springs


Keycap 1 Keycap 2 Keycap 3 Keycap 4 Keycap 5 Keycap 6 Keycap 7 Keycap 8 Keycap 9 Keycap 0 Hash Key Upwards Black Arrow Downwards Black Arrow Leftwards Black Arrow Black Rightwads Arrow North East Arrow North West Arrow South East Arrow South West Arrow Left Right Arrow Up Down Arrow Black Left-Pointing Triangle Black Right-Pointing Triangle Leftwards Arrow With Hook Rightwards Arrow With Hook Informatin Source Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards Wheelchar Symbol Circled Latin Capital Letter M circled Ideograph Select circled Ideograph Congratulation No Entry Eight Spoked Asterisk Sparkle Negative Squared Cross Mark White Heavy Check Mark Eight Pointed Black Star Double Curly Loop Black Universal Recycling Symbol Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpius Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Ophiuchus Copyright Sign Registered Sign Trade Mark Sign Cross Mark Double Exclamation Mark Exclamation Question Mark Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol Black Question Mark Ornament Black Exclamation Mark Ornament White Question Mark Ornament Heavy Large Circle Heavy Multiplication X Heavy Plus Sign Heavy Minus Sign Heavy Division Sign Black Spade Suit Black Heart Suit Black Club Suit Black Diamond Suit Curly Loop Wavy Dash Part Alternation Mark Black Medium Square White Medium Square Black Medium Small Square White Medium Small Square Black Small Square White Small Square Medium Black Circle Medium White Circle White Large Square Black Large Square